A Low-Carb Delight: Rebel’s Mint Chip Ice Cream [REVIEW]

Finding sweet treats that are lower in carbohydrates without sacrificing flavor is no easy task. I’m happy to report that I’ve encounters a pint of creamy good needs for those on keto, low carb lifestyles.

Back in January, my wife and I decided to make the transition to a ketogenic lifestyle. I may go over this in more detail in a future post, but the decision was based on a variety of health problems I had developed that I saw could be addressed with a different eating habit. We also wanted to reduce the dependency on food that was higher in carbs such as rice, bread and starches, which are all Puertorican staples.

The challenge? I love desserts. I don’t care for candy bars such as Snickers and Milkyway, but hand me a thick slice of cheesecake and I’m yours for life. I enjoy both purchasing and baking my desserts from scratch, but one thing I’d rather purchase that churn is ice cream. Our weather in the Caribbean is very warm and humid throughout the year, so a sweet treat like frozen dairy is perfect after lunch.

I’ve tried by fair share of low carb ice creams, and most of them leave me sad and with the desire for the REAL good stuff. I wanted to find a treat that was rich, creamy, without artificial sweeteners and that it did not have an aftertaste. No problem right?

Browsing Instagram I stumbled upon the #KetoSweets tag, and I eventually found the Rebel Creamery brand of keto-friendly ice cream. It was almost to good to be true. Well actually it kind of was as I had no idea where I could find it locally in Puerto Rico. One day I was browsing a local store near my work and as I walked over to the freezer section I saw a variety of pints with a familiar logo. Rebel Ice Cream ahoy! They had Mint Chip, Butter Penca and Peanut Butter Fudge. I’m allergic to peanuts – which I’m still sad about – so I purchased the first two.

For this post my focus is on the Mint Chip flavor, but if you would like a follow-up about other varieties I encounter please let me know.

Here is the best statement I can make about this ice cream: I used to strongly dislike mint and chocolate mix together. As others have stated, to me it was like eating toothpaste with melted chocolate. Rebel made a believer out of me and I now love the combination of mint and chocolate.

The Mint Chip Ice Cream is smooth, refreshing and most importantly not overpowering. I was concerned the mint was going to neglect the chocolate in the mix, but that was not the case. It’s called “Mint Chip” because it does not have chocolate chips. It instead comes with large, thin strips of crunchy chocolate that adds incredible texture to the experience.

After trying the ice cream by itself I decided to step it up by having a scoop alongside a slice of keto cheesecake from a local baker, and an almond flour cupcake I made a few days prior.

Mint Chip Ice Cream with a slice of cheesecake: Yes. I’m smiling just thinking about that decadent experience. Cheesecake and ice cream are already great by themselves. They are both served cold and share multiple ingredients such as dairy, eggs and sweetener. Put them together and it’s an explosion of flavor. The mint added a layer of freshness that was not there with a regular slice of cheesecake. In other words, it made the cheesecake better. What more could you ask for?

Mint Chip Ice Cream with Almond Flour Cupcake: In contrary to the cheesecake, I prefer my cupcakes to me slightly warm or at room temperature. The vanilla flavor is more prominent like this and I feel the texture is vastly superior as opposed to eating out straight out of the fridge. The hot and cold balance of the cream and the cake (I am afraid to search for “The Cream and the Cake” on Google), was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve always been a fan of sharp differences in flavor such as sweet & sour or Hawaiian Pizza (Don’t judge me!), and everything about it kept my smile strong.

The entire pint has a total of 640 calories, 60 grams of fat and 6 grams of net carbs. Its ingredients include Monk Fruit, Erythritol, and Milk Protein Isolate. I always recommend you read the full list in the event you are allergic to something. You can read the list of ingredients here.

Should you consider buying a pint of Rebel’s Mint Chip Ice Cream? Yes! It’s an excellent treat that won’t make you feel guilty afterwards, and it goes great alongside your favorite slice of cake.

This is my first-ever blog post about a food product, so I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it helps you make a decision about your delicious future!

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