About Me

My Journey

Hi there! I’m happy to welcome you into my life, which is filled with food, entertainment and advocacy. That last one is very important to me because although I’m at a great point in my life now, that wasn’t always the case. Growing up with depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, I’ve learned to appreciate every little thing that happens to me, and have also learned the importance of sharing what has helped me so I can help others. That’s what inspired me to have this blog, and hopefully you and I can learn from each other.

I consider myself to be a diverse person. My music preferences range from Metallica to Britney Spears, my favorite movies include Office Space and Beverly Hills Ninja and I’m passionate about video games going all the way back to the Super Nintendo and Playstation 1. Each one of these pieces of entertainment helped me overcome a lot of personal struggles as I grew up. I was socially isolated up until I was 19 years old, as a result of my depression and lack of desire to communicate with others. Now at 29 years old I’ve learned to appreciate every second of every day. From the moment I wake up to have a cup of coffee with my wife, to when I do my workout routine at 10 PM before going to bed, I always strive to be better to myself and others.

I’ve always had a passion for communication and entertainment. Speaking into a microphone is like therapy for me because it’s my chance to connect with you and share my experiences with games, food or life as a whole. This is why I have a YouTube channel where I focus on video game content. I love to share my opinions about other things as well, and that’s where this site comes in.

I love cake, ice cream and anything in-between. As I’m currently living a ketogenic lifestyle, I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes from the web, as all as reviewing product I stumble upon that I believe are pretty great. Welcome to my epic journey in life!